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Shane D'Souza

Owner, RMT, Kinesiologist and Certified Personal Trainer

Shane obtained his certification as a Kinesiologist from UBC - Okanagan and has gained experience working in busy and reputed Wellness and Physiotherapy clinics in Kelowna and Vancouver. Shane went on to complete his RMT program from WCCMT, New Westminster. He practices as a Full-Time RMT. 

Shane can applys his knowledge of anatomy, physiology and body mechanics to assess an individual's functional movements. He can assist in providing pain relief and treatment of soft tissue injuries resulting from over-use, Motor Vehicle Accidents(MVA), sports or workplace injuries, as well as general disorders such as chronic pain and fatigue. Shane's focus is on active rehabilitation to get his clients back to optimal health. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Shane conducts both group and private training sessions for his clients. Shane has also conducted small group training sessions for seniors with disabilities. 

Shane grew up playing competitive soccer with Surrey Youth and Surrey United Soccer Clubs, representing his team at the Provincial level.

Cody D'Souza

Owner, RMT

Cody is a graduate of the Registered Massage Therapy program from CDI College, South Surrey.  

Cody has treated people from all over the spectrum. From athletes, focusing on pre-and post event treatment, as well as senior citizens, where he spent multiple weeks doing an outreach program.

Cody aims to create and implement a treatment plan that is best suited for each unique patient. His treatments include a wide variety of techniques including, relaxing Swedish massage interspersed with manual muscle manipulation and trigger point therapy, to improve quality of life for patients suffering from injuries and aches, whether acute or chronic. 

Growing up, Cody was always involved in recreational sports such as soccer and ball hockey. Additionally, strength training has become a passion of Cody’s, helping him to understand the body and the way that it works.

Kyra (Diane) Rocha


Namaste, My name is Kyra, and it is my sole (soul's) pleasure to aid you in your journey through Massage Therapy and also Reiki. Both of these for me are forms of art through which communication and positivity lead to an enhanced overall being. I trained for my craft originally in Ontario and since then my path has brought me here to beautiful B.C, searching for better within as well as without. My journey is your journey too, and I welcome the opportunity to grow together. I hope to meet you soon, though I feel I already know you.

Ahmi Park


Ahmi graduated from the Registered Massage Therapy diploma program at the CDI College in 2023. As part of the program, she successfully completed student clinics and outreach by treating various conditions.

Her focus of treatment is on reducing muscle tension, headache, fascial restriction, and correcting postural imbalance by performing various techniques of deep tissue massage, joint mobilization, pin and stretch, trigger point release, and fascial release techniques. She likes to view the body as an entire unit as pain affects the whole body rather than specific parts. Therefore, she focuses on treating the root of the issue by taking time to listen to the patient's concern, assess the patient so that she can find the part to aim for, treat the whole area that is associated with the targeted part, and provide proper home care to the patient.

Pirtpaul Sidhu


Pirtpaul graduated from CDI College in the Registered Massage Therapy program. He has experience treating people who have or had neurological conditions such as herniations, parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis or even simply headaches and soft-tissue injuries.

His most used techniques include swedish massage for relaxation to get the muscles ready for treatment, myofascial release, deep muscle stripping, trigger point release and joint mobilizations to help active range of motion for the patient’s joints. The treatments for new patients will always include detailed history taking to find the most possible reason as to why the patient is experiencing pain. Furthermore, the treatment ends with giving the patient home care, either stretching or strengthening a specific muscle or muscle group with isometric, concentric or eccentric contractions to help ease pain.

In his free time Pirtpaul likes to work out and stay active, and he also enjoys watching science based videos on how to achieve the most natural gain in muscle and fat loss.

Chen Han


Chen is a Registered Acupuncturist in BC. After got his Master Degree in McMaster University in Hamilton ON, Chen settled down in BC. After many years in BC, he found TCM is an important complementary therapy method to local medical system. So he spent almost 3 years (2600 hours) to successfully complete the intensive TCM Program (Acupuncture and Chinese Herb Medicine) both in academic and hands-on training to earn the diploma in Vancouver Career College.

Chen specialized in treating all types of pain (acute and chronic), and internal disorders. Despite the regular diagnostic methods, Chen is good at tongue diagnosis. By evaluating patient’s symptoms, Chen will create an integrated treatment plan, including various treating methods, like acupuncture, navel acupuncture, cupping, scrapping, moxi, tuina, bloodletting; and suggestions about rehabilitation exercise and food.

Chen believes that TCM can help people away from their suffering, and can help people live in a better way.